About me

I am a keen outdoorsman for the last 35 year, currently based in Sydney, Australia and have been lucky enough to have lots family and friends that have shared this passion.

This site was started as a means of me remembering all the greats things I’ve done (and want to do) and a basically turned it in to a summary of some very cool adventures with a mission to inspire  people to get off the couch and into the great outdoors, SAFELY.

The Blog will continue to roll as is does with the cool bits turning in to permanent pages.  I see this page like a wiki capturing more and more details and ideas. Feel free to leave comments ideas / corrections welcome.

Trekking/Walking/Hiking/Diving/Snowboarding/Snowshoeing/Bike Riding will feature on the site basically as thats what I like doing!!!

Rants, Trips and other content is based in Australia unless mentioned otherwise.  Anything on this site is purely based on my own opinions and experiences.  Further research and training should be undertaken before attempting any dangerous activities.

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