The Outdoor Adventure Bucket List


As promised this update will give you an idea of where the project is heading and features to expect in the near future. The apps are now functional with many people using them, though we are only about 30% through the journey to completion. As well as us working it is you the users to supply the content that will really make this project amazing. So don't be shy get involved!

The core of the project is our crowd-sourced adventures database. We want to offer features similar to a wiki site to allow users to add paragraphs, hyper-links, pictures and links to enablers, this coupled with the geo-location, descriptions, mapping, comments and rating systems that are already in place will provide users with an infinite up-to-date resource.

The "Bucket List" is the spot that records all your future endeavours. At the moment this is a bland list that quickly becomes very long, we'll add dynamic sorting highlighting relevant adventures. For example highlighting adventures that are near by or fit the time frames

"Completed list" or "Activity Log" quickly becomes a great record of your achievements. For example no needed to keep a separate diving log, recording number of dives, who was with you, where, how deep.... All activities will have there own specific data to record. For me I record dives and canyons, mainly so I can remember what I have and haven't done. Building on individual adventures "Trips" will combine adventure, user, geo-location data to allow you to plan, discuss, execute and record your complete adventure for prosperity.

To find adventures ATM we have three methods available, near by adventures, through the list via type and name search, also using the map for current location or the centre here feature to search any area of interest. These basic features will be combined and simplified. As we learn what you do and don't like we'll make intuitive suggestions for things to try next.

"Enablers" are any shop, club, guide, book or organisation that can help out user achieve their outdoor adventure goals. We'll be linking enablers with the relevant adventure, and advising of the enablers other offerings.

Social media features will be an important part of the project. Some of the features include invite other members, forums, messaging, sharing bucket lists and adventure ideas and rewards for contributions. A forum has recently been added which will be fully integrated into the rest of the project.

Well if you made it this far with out falling asleep, your all clued up on our plans for the future.